Impaired Driving Simulator Used At Arrive Alive Tour

A DWI or DUI is no laughing matter. That is why the impaired driving simulator at Arrive Alive Tour can be so beneficial to students. Some students may not understand the true dangers of drinking and driving or texting while driving. Because of that, the Arrive Alive Tour has made it their mission to spread the word on those dangers!

Impaired driving simulator - Arrive Alive Tour - Lincoln High School

Impaired Driving Simulator

The simulator allows for participants to not only try out the impaired driving aspect of it. Participants can also try the distracted driving side of things. The safety ambassadors for the Arrive Alive Tour will help guide the simulation. Max Vandewater of the tour told WBOY 12, “One of the main things that I usually tell people is that even a cheeseburger can be a very distracting element when you are driving down the road.”

There are many different elements that factor into dangers behind the wheel. Sometimes it could be a cheeseburger and sometimes it can be alcohol. Katlin Hyde, as student at Lincoln High School in Shinnston, WV, said, “That was for drinking and driving, and I am never going to drink and drive. Trust me.”

Mock Citations

After completing the impaired driving simulator, participants are given mock citations to show the real-life consequences of the decision to drink and drive or text and drive. Meghan Yost of the Arrive Alive Tour said, “They actually aren’t running that as a traffic violation anymore. They are are starting to run it as a misdemeanor so that is going to be going on to your record and they are running about $200 right now on average.”

While these citations make the students think, we also hope it sticks in their mind for many years to come. Student Colten Hovermale said,  “Something could run out in front of you if there is a construction zone or there is always something new when you get on the road so you always have to be cautious while driving.”