Drunk Driving Simulator Travels Nation To Promote Safe Driving

The Arrive Alive Tour is bringing their drunk driving simulator across the nation to help promote safe driving to students. We are all familiar with the dangers of drinking and driving. However, this simulator allows students to experience the true dangers, but in a controlled environment.

Drunk driving simulator travels nation - Arrive Alive Tour

Drunk Driving Simulator

The Arrive Alive Tour recently made a stop at SOWELA Technical Community College. This stop allowed the students to gain that experience of being behind the wheel while under the influence. Not only could the students experience the effects of alcohol, but also marijuana with the new marijuana simulator from Arrive Alive Tour. The tour arrived on campus in a full-size Jeep Patriot, as the students sit in the vehicle and use virtual reality goggles to help simulate DUI of alcohol or marijuana. The students also had a third option, as they could experience the dangers of texting while driving.


During the stop at SOWELA, KPLC 7 News visited to cover the event. They had the opportunity to chat with some of the students going through the simulation. Jakob Cobucci said, “It just needs to teach people that you shouldn’t do it all. It really is a hazard to other people on the road not just you.” They also spoke with Daniela Delabat, who said, “There’s a bunch of young people here and sometimes they don’t think they just act. This is a good experience for them of what would be acting before thinking.”

Besides the students, KPLC was able to talk to the facilitators the Arrive Alive Tour had on hand. Safety Ambassador Jeffrey Bateman said, “If someone were to get in an accident, that’s on you and something you got to live with. We always say we just want to change one person’s life.”