Drunk driving program coming to Georgia College

Drunk driving program coming to Georgia College


Georgia College is offering a way to teach students about drunk driving without the consequences with the “Arrive Alive” program.

Awareness group Unite’s Arrive Alive Tour stopped by the Milledgeville School at 10 am Thursday morning and is stayed until 4 pm.

The program uses a simulator, video, and other resources to teach students about the dangers and possible consequences of drunk driving.

“A lot of people don’t think about, ‘I’m going to blow over a .18,’ and this really just shows them what the reaction time is actually like When they are actually intoxicated,” says driving instructor Chris Bennett.

“It was actually enlightening to see. They told me I had a .10 alcohol level, and so it was just interesting to see the delayed reaction times, because I was trying to go, and I was trying to move out of the way and avoid other cars and it wouldn’t let me,” says Nadirah Mayweather, who drove the simulator.

The simulator can also simulate distracted driving.