Distracted Driving Simulator Helps Students Experience Dangers Of Texting While Driving [Video]

Most of us learn things better by having a hands-on experience, which is exactly what a distracted driving simulator allows you to do. Sometimes it is a little hard getting through to students, so why not put them behind the wheel of an actual vehicle and have them do some texting and driving and they can see the true dangers of what they are doing? That is what the Arrive Alive Tour does on a daily basis, as distracted driving and cell phone use continues to be a hard-pressed issue.

The Arrive Alive Tour brings out drunk driving and distracted driving simulator to schools and corporations all the time. With that comes media coverage, which allows your local community to see all the good things you are bringing to your school and/or company.

With that being said, John Pertzborn from FOX2NOW in St. Louis attended our event at West County Center and did a Facebook Live video for the event. You can see the different students trying out the texting while driving simulator and seeing their reactions. Check out the full video right here:

Bring the Arrive Alive Tour to your area. For more information or details on the drinking and distracted driving simulator program, contact us here!