Teens learn dangers of texting while driving

Simulator shows teens dangers of texting,  driving


HOWARD COUNTY, Md. -Some high school students  got up-close and personal with the dangers of distracted driving Tuesday morning  in Howard County.

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The Allstate Foundation  had its high-tech driving simulator at Reservoir High School in Fulton to show  the teens in a safe environment how risky texting and driving can be. About 600  high school athletes from around the state were there taking part in the  Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association Conference.

“It was very realistic.  When I started swerving, it got a little scary at times, and then when cars  would pass me or I was passing cars, it got nerve-racking,” said Howard High  School junior Peter Emery.

“I was trying to write in  complete sentences and stay on the side of the road and stay on the speed limit  and not hit anybody. I hit a parked car, so that’s definitely a sign that I  shouldn’t be texting and driving,” said senior Taylor Stewart.

The event is designed to  show teens how to be responsible, good leaders and role models in and out of the  car.

“We’re trying to save  lives. We definitely want there to be an impact. We want them to realize driving  is a privilege. It’s a great responsibility, and we want them to know how  important it is for them to drive safely,” said Shelva Clemons of the Allstate  Foundation.

The students are also  encouraged to sign a pledge not to text while driving by putting their  thumbprint on a poster.

“It makes you make the  promise to not text and drive, and every time you’re even tempted, you’ll  remember, ‘Oh, I signed a pledge that says I’m not going to text and drive,'”  Stewart said.

Going through the  simulator, some students hit pedestrians while others hit cars and lost control  behind the wheel. The drill taught them how dangerous driving distracted can  be.

“It’s really distracting.  Once you take your eyes off the road, you’re totally lost, and it just made it  five times harder,” Emery said. “It’s definitely going to make me not want to  text and drive. Either turn the phone off or give it to someone else, because  it’s just not worth it.”

Read more: http://www.wbaltv.com/news/maryland/education/Teens-learn-dangers-of-texting-while-driving/-/9379316/16000252/-/n9cxrc/-/index.html#ixzz23BE4FaFF