Texting while Driving

Arrive Alive™ Texting While Driving / Distracted Driving Simulator

Through our Texting and Distracted Driving Prevention Program, we will allow your entire community to become aware of the dangers of texting and distracted driving. We will start by sending press releases to all the media in your area. This raises awareness to your community about two things. One, your campus’s fight against texting and distracted driving. Secondly, that texting and distracted driving is dangerous- and in some states against the law!!

Next, we will start the visual message on campus. Posters will be made available for you to put on campus to help further educate your students about the dangers of texting and distracted driving. Pre and Post event surveys will be customized for your school’s student body. The Pre Event Survey will allow you to find out before we go to your campus where your students are in relation to texting and distracted driving. The Post Event Survey will allow you to find out just how educational our Program was while on your campus.

Our Program will run on your campus from your first bell until your last bell. This will not include setup time. Our technicians will be on sight about 1 and 1/2 hours prior to your event just to make sure that everything is setup and ready to go.

Your students will be allowed to experience texting and distracted driving first hand without actually being in a dangerous situation.

We will have a passenger eye view set up so that those students standing around the simulator will be able to experience what the driver experiences from the passenger’s point of view.
We will give your students a mock ticket after their simulation so that they can see the physical and legal dangers of texting and distracted driving.
Our professional facilitator will be asking your students questions and giving statistics about texting and distracted driving and it’s dangers for the duration of our Program.
Our high impact video presentation will play all day long, allowing your students to see all of the dangers of texting and distracted driving.

Our FIGHT FOR LIFE station will be available for your students to be able to dedicate their lives to never drive while texting or distracted. This will also allow your students to sign up for our online continuation program.

This allows UNITE to periodically send your students more information about texting and distracted driving, as well as occasionally send a survey to find out where they are in their personal lives regarding texting and distracted driving.

You and your school will receive statistical analysis of these surveys periodically, as we receive the surveys. This will allow you to see the continual impact of our Program for a long time to come.


Alan West at Texting Event in Palm Beach



If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to an event in your area; or have leads on available grants please contact Josh or Patrick for more information. Past sponsors have included:

  • Sheriff Offices
  • Police departments
  • Community Substance Abuse Coalitions
  • Foundations
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Cab Companies
  • Local businesses